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Removal and Redeployment

One of our key telecom solutions for Service Providers is the removal, reconfiguration and redeployment of telecom equipment. Timeline has professionally trained engineers and technicians - both Service Provider and OEM training - that have the skills, ability and experience performing field services on a global basis. Timeline personnel have performed many such, installation, reconfiguration, recertification, commissioning and de-installation projects. Some of the additional services provided Service Providers are site surveys, planning, engineering, add-ons, redeployment of wireless infrastructure including switching, transport, BTS and BSC, as well as testing, packing, packaging, labeling and marking and shipment. 


Repair and Exchange

All telecommunication equipment breaks down from time to time do to the 24/7 nature of the Service Providers' service and the environmental extremes to which their equipment is exposed. When this happens, Service Providers look to telecom solutions specialists, like Timeline that can repair or exchange that equipment quickly, efficiently and at lower costs than with new equipment. Timeline offers this service to our numerous Service Provider customers. Timeline supports factory new and refurbished legacy equipment. The average turnaround time for our service is less than 2 weeks to repair equipment and less than 3 days to provide exchanged products. These repair services are available for switching, transport, power, data, wireless BTS & BSC and microwave radios. We repair all of our equipment internally or through certified repair partners. Our standard warranty is 12 months on all repaired or exchanged equipment. 


Certified Refurbished Equipment

Service Providers partner with Timeline for products that are not only reliable but a cost effective choice. Many times the most technologically advanced equipment, Next Generation Network (NGN) is not needed for a particular job. When this is the case Service Providers come to Timeline and ask for refurbished equipment. Our refurbished equipment is as reliable and meets the same quality standards as if new equipment was provided by an OEM. It backed by a Timeline warranty. By purchasing our refurbished equipment instead of purchasing completely new equipment the Service Provider is able to get equipment in days rather than in weeks or months and saves money as well. 


Asset Remarketing and Consignment Programs

Service Providers are looking to get the most capital out of their legacy equipment. Remarketing that equipment is the best way to gain some of that capital back. Rather than Service Providers trying to remarket their legacy equipment themselves they choose to hire companies like Timeline to sell the outdated equipment. With our proven market channels, Timeline generates more revenue than if the equipment is auctioned or sold through liquidation channels. Timeline has a large sales team that resells legacy equipment to our global customers.

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