Warehousing and Logistics

Custom reverse logistics and warehousing telecom solutions.

Logistics and warehousing are integral components of warehouse distribution management. The decision to use public warehouses or to keep warehousing and logistics in-house is an issue worthy of careful consideration.

The addition of Timeline as a logistics and warehousing provider brings important and vital services to the customer supply chain. The most significant service is the ability to flex with the fluid needs of our customer. Our customer must be able to respond quickly to a request, and by our very nature, Timeline is geared to do exactly that in real time. Secondly, Timeline brings specialised, quality warehouse distribution management to the equation. Last and for sure not least, Timeline brings specialised technical multivendor telecom product knowledge to the supply chain, capable of collecting or delivering specific telecom needs towards your third party installation and maintenance companies.

Timeline has developed and implemented successfully SPM projects with spare parts distribution from and to multiple regional warehouses with customer driven SLA’s.

Timeline understands logistics and warehousing in the telecom branches which minimises your risks and costs.


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