No Fault Found Testing

All spares will be tested according the 3GPP standards and will lower your costs.

In several international projects Timeline has proven the benefit of No Fault Found (NFF) testing. For the majority of our NFF projects we discovered that a significantly high percentage of the field returns are not faulty.

Even after soak tests and simulating fault conditions! After returning the NFF spare part back in the field it remains not faulty. Timeline offers a NFF testing program which will point out your operational needs and significantly will lower your costs. By monitoring and testing the field returns we will build a database with repetitive data on the NFF field returns. This data will be used to point out operational needs such as extra technical training, false alarms and so on.

You will understand the implemented benefits of our NFF testing results inside your operational organisation. Costs savings will occur for site visits, stocking of spare parts, downtime, logistics and purchasing of new spare parts. Besides this costs reduction, your field engineers will improve their knowledge.

We have multivendor testing capabilities allowing us to serve you with a wide range of testing opportunities.

All spares will be tested according the 3GPP standards. We stand behind our telecom products and guarantee your satisfaction.

Recovery of products from WEEE Processing & Treatment is per EN 50625 and the WEEE Preparation for re-use per EN 50614 European Standards


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