Multivendor Supply

Sourcing multivendor telecom equipment is the strategic focus of our company.

Timeline is aware of the telecom market changes and thus its needs. Sourcing of multivendor telecom equipment is a strategic focus for most organisations. Making the right sourcing decisions is not easy. With an increase in vendors using service oriented architectures and open standards a multivendor strategy can be attractive, but there are significant challenges which include selecting a mix of suppliers, cultural sourcing issues, duplication of activities and sourcing end of life products.

Timeline offers a single point of contact within our organisation for all your multivendor requests which will improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. Timeline will provide you with technical and supply chain management knowledge which will minimise your risks. We are experts in our field.

By taking advantage of Timeline’s knowledge you will lower your costs by low buy prices of re-used equipment and reduced freight costs due to single point of receiving.

We have multivendor testing capabilities allowing us to serve you with a wide range of testing opportunities.

All spares will be tested according the 3GPP standards. We stand behind our telecom products and guarantee your satisfaction.


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