Green Solutions

Businesses that Go Green can only benefit the general welfare of the planet.

Businesses that “Go Green” not only benefit the general welfare of the planet, but they also save money and promote a climate of teamwork and cooperation in the workplace.

Even if your telecom equipment has reached its end of life, Timeline has a solution for you. We will safely and responsibly recycle your telecom surplus material using internationally recognised standards. Timeline partners with recycling companies which handle the complete removal process after it has been pre-processed at the Timeline facility.

Our recycle partners follow stringent environmental and health policies and employs processes which reclaim the most heavy metals and toxins from telecom assets sent in for recycling. This ensures that functional telecom equipment is kept out of landfills and that non-functional equipment is handled responsibly, limiting your company’s liability, and protecting the environment.

Our Asset Recovery solutions enable businesses to unlock the value of their redundant or end-of-life telecom hardware assets. We provide full asset tracking services and follow the environmental obligations for equipment disposal.

Recovery of products from WEEE Processing & Treatment is per EN 50625 and the WEEE Preparation for re-use per EN 50614 European Standards


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