Asset Remanagement

Remarketing outdated legacy equipment to gain capital back.

Our global sales team combined with our global inventory management system and online catalogue enable us to get the best price for your equipment.

The relationships we have with our customers and the trust they place in us to provide quality equipment enables us to get the best prices. As a result, the marketing of redeployed network equipment on behalf of our clients is handled in a similar way to the sale of new equipment, rather than through brokers or auction houses.

All our equipment is fully tested and warranted. We don’t select just the best equipment from you – we manage all your surplus assets – equipment that can’t be remarketed is sent for safe and responsible recycling. We continuously work to maintain and enhance our reputation for quality and reliability.

We have thousands of customers around the globe who rely on us for high quality, fully tested and warranted network infrastructure equipment for all their expansion and spares needs.


Beatrix de Rijkweg 12, 5657 EG Eindhoven, Netherlands. Phone: +31 40 290 4030