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About Timeline Global Telecom Solutions


Experience, Quality, Reliability

Timeline Global Management provides global customers with new, certified reuse (refurbished) equipment, re-manufacturing services, asset remarketing, professional technical and maintenance services, including repair & exchange and spare parts management. Timeline supports the growing unique demands of Service Providers and OEMs and large enterprise organizations with legacy and next generation networks. Timeline understands the requirement for alternative sources of telecommunications equipment and professional services that are required to reduce capital and operating budgets and is confident that our solutions offer an exceptional value.

Timeline Global Telecom Solutions BV focuses on delivering customised services to end Operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM’s), specialising in WEEE activities. We support telecom operators with equipment deployment services in order to optimise their end of life assets, turning them into cash generators. Timeline provides multi-vendor telecom key support in hardware and services. We are differentiated in delivering telecom services such as spare part swap and repair, refurbishment, warehousing and logistics, spare part management, asset recovery and environmental recycling towards our end customers. The telecom technology is evolving rapidly and therefore complex to manage and maintain. Within this complex area Timeline provides turnkey solutions, focused in establishing your company’s desired end goal.

Our in-house team has more than twenty years’ experience in both technical and service orientated side of all sort of telecoms. You can benefit from our knowledge and low-cost solutions while focusing on your main task.

Timeline is able to provide your company with a “one-stop-shop” environmental management service for the disposal of all types of electronic waste according to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations in the European Union. Through technology and proprietary resources and our vast experience, we might be the partner you have been looking for!

Our Capabilties

01 Expansion of Existing Networks
Worked with multiple Operators to assist them in expanding network capacity from Plug-in to complete node equipment supply (Engineering, Build and Test).

02 Reverse Logistics
Remanufacturing and Rack & Stack - Warehouse Logistics', Receive, Refurbished, Reconfigured, Strategic Sourcing, Test and Redeployment.

03 Exchange, Repair, Avoidance
Developed Exchange, Repair avoidance and repair programs for wireless and wireline operators, which included building seed stock, advance board replacements and repair vendor management.

04 Asset Reuse, Recycling
Developed programs for Operators to inspect, sort, store, redeploy, use in SPM, resell and dispose of excess and obsolete equipment per WEEE.

Beatrix de Rijkweg 12, 5657 EG Eindhoven, Netherlands. Phone: +31 40 290 4030