Extending the lifespan of telecom assets for re-use and put back into the field.

The lifespan of end of life telecom assets can be extended if they are upgraded for re-use and put back into the field. This will significantly reduce your ApEx costs. Furthermore, by re-using telecom equipment, you can demonstrate your “green credentials” through compliance with the intended spirit of the WEEE Directive.

The object of Timeline’s refurbishment programme is to recover a substantial quantity of your unused telecom hardware and process it to a new end product according to your specific needs. This can be applicable for example in telecom access equipment or even microwave kits.

We have multivendor refurbishment capabilities allowing us to serve you with a wide range of refurbishment opportunities. If needed we will supply spares from our own multivendor stock to complete your refurbishment project.

All refurbished equipment will be tested according the 3GPP standards. We stand behind our refurbished telecom products and guarantee your satisfaction.


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